Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday R2


I really can't believe that five years has flown by so fast. What happened to the day I brought you home and you snuggled your self in my arms and we both slept in the chair for what seemed like hours.

But like I always do, I make a list of some of my favorite things about you according to your age.

So here you are.

1. I love your laugh, it is infectious.
2. I love how you brush your hair until it is just purfect! I also love how you say perfect.
3. I like how you call me to come pick you up out of bed in the morning and when I do you pat my back.
4. I love that you call your daddy and brother your best buddies.
5. I love that you like to sing church songs and sing them at the top of your lungs.

I love you R2!! Hope you have a great birthday!


Brooke said...

happy birthday little man! :)

and i hope Mama soaks in every moment of this day

Genny said...

Happy, happy BDay to him!