Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Ooooooh burr I wish I had fur, I wish I was a bear with furry furry hair, cause it's cold!

Well not a bear with furry hair but maybe a bear with nice sleek styled hair.

Mr Winter has officially paid us a visit. And while we aren't scheduled for snow, we are scheduled for some pretty chilly weather.

Don't get me wrong I love the cold the weather. It's better than the 127 degrees we get in June that lasts until Thanksgiving!

And down here in Southeast Texas cold is 60. And it's going to be hovering around 25-35 for most of the week. I'm almost tempted to go to Walgreen's and purchase myself a Snuggie!

But last night the boys and I had hot chocolate loaded down with marshmallows and we snuggled under the covers and watched TV.

That was until the hot flashes came back that have been bothering for almost a year now, and I threw the covers off as fast as I could.

And it was at the moment I decided the Snuggie was a bad idea. Maybe I'll just put my robe on backwards that way if the flashes continue I can just let my robe slip off my arms. And no one would get mad because I took their covers off and made them spill their hot chocolate and waste all the marshmallows.


Brooke said...

marshmellows are the best! :) hot flashes already??

Beth Cotell said...

It's freezing cold here too! I think a hot flash might just warm me up!

Genny said...

Hot chocolate... the best on a cold night or day. Well, except coffee, but not for the kids, huh? lol. Hope you are well!