Monday, October 12, 2009

More baseball stuff and other news

Here I go again. I'm late putting up a post.

We had a busy weekend. But when don't we.

R1 had a friend spend the night Friday night. And they had a blast. They even included R2 in pretty much what ever it was they were doing.

I still managed to spend most of my time in the kitchen though. Why is it that boys are bottomless pits when it comes to eating?

R1's friend stayed at our house all day Saturday and we brought him home when we left to go to our Sunday School party.

Loved the fellowship Saturday night and the food...AWESOME!! My baked potato dip was hit. And it's so easy, here's the recipe.

1 12oz tub of sour cream
1 8oz pkg of real bacon bits
1 pkg of cheddar cheese (2cups) Your preference of sharp or mild
1/4 cup fine chopped green onion
Mix all ingrediants together
Serve with plain Ruffles potato chips
See told you it was easy! And it's even bettter if you let it sit over night. YUM!!!
Sunday we went to church and then R1 had is select baseball team kick off. More good food. We got to meet everyone on his team and their parents. We also got to order uniforms and parent shirts, sweat shirts, and all the other baseball paraphernalia.

We also got our fundraisers. UGH!! I don't like fund raiser but it's a necessary evil I guess.

And on Saturday afternoon we got some bad news.

My stepmother's father passed away. He was 90. He had just turned 90 last month and had a huge birthday party and all of his children, grand children, and great grand children were there. I'm so glad everyone got to attended and have this special memory.

My stepmother works for the FDIC and is usually out of town working but it just happened that she came home on Friday night and then her brother called her Saturday.

So please keep my dad and stepmother, M & C in your prayers, along with her family.

Hope y'all have a great week!!


Brooke said...

your dip sounds amazing

you know, my sister rarely let me play with her and her friend, even though i tried over and over again

sorry to hear about your loss :(

Genny said...

I'm sorry to hear about your stepmother's father!

Thanks for sharing that dip recipe. That sounds really good!