Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can't even think of a title for this

I have so much random stuff going on right now I didn't think I could put it all under one title and stick to it. So I think I'll just start typing it out and let it go where it goes.

This past weekend we had our school carnival and it was a huge success. The boys had a blast playing all the games and jumping in all of the different moon walks set up.

R1 had saved enough money to buy a video game he has been saving for. But I have a feeling he will be loosing the new game due to the fact he will be grounded because he becomes oblivious to the requests of his father and I. Anyone else have this problem?

I made not one but two trips to my beloved HEB this weekend. I forgot to get a ton of stuff not just one or two things but like twenty things. And I had a list!

I had my bible study class last night and Beth Moore is still bringing it and she totally brought it last night. I got it in such a way my soul hurt. A good hurt but oh my head is now swimming with information that is going to take me all week just to process.


Sunday after church R2 helped me work in the back yard flower beds. My yard now actually looks like people really do live here. I love to work in the yard I find it therapeutic.

R1's teacher and Hubs tried to play a trick on me yesterday. Hubs' showed R1's teacher the picture of his diorama on my post and she sent me an email saying R1 was upset because I wouldn't let him help and how I made the whole thing. I have one word to describe my feelings...PANIC!!!

I was ready to throw mine in the trash and let R1 make one all by himself. Which would require me to leave the house and walk up and down each and every isle at Target. Twice.

But then Hubs came clean and told me, he and R1's teacher had planned the entire thing.


So other than that we are just getting ready for the Halloween carnival this weekend and the plethora of candy that will follow.

How about y'all?

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