Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Charm House

I have to tell you about my friend Yvette, of The Charm House.

I have known her over a year, thanks to blogging.

She is super talented and amazing. She has so much creativity it just oozes from her soul.

Over the last year she has inspired me to make things I never would have thought to even try. I mean I consider myself to be a pretty creative person. I love to scrapbook and that takes some imagination. But she puts me in shame!

Like this memory jar. Hers was awesome! But I thought I could do this and it would be a great way to display all the stuff the boys collected. And I love how it turned out too.

Right now she is in what I call creativity mode. She's totally on a roll! Her daughter is getting married and had made somethings for the junior bridesmaids to carry that are just stunning.

She has also made some necklaces for Christmas which are just darling!

And I can a test to the darling factor, she made me a Santa domino necklace last year and I receive so many compliments every time I wear it.

So if y'all get a minute pop on over to her blog and check out her crafting. And leave her a sweet comment too.


Brooke said...

i'm totally jealous of creative people like that! :P

The Charm House said...

GIRL..... What have you done! You are one of the sweetest children I know! (You have to be a "child's Heart" to think like us) LOL
I love you so much and I so needed this encouragement today! I am considering leaving Vintage Village and continuing back on my own. My little ministry has been hurting from the lack of attention that I have NOT given it. And that makes me sad! Also, thinking about Whit gone for two years is weighing somewhat heavy on my heart! I do know that if she can go across the globe to minister to others, then I can even build my ministry bigger and bigger!
Thanks for your encouragement, but most of all for the LOVE that you continue sending my way! The greatest meme that I have ever received and ever will!
I love you so much!

Genny said...

I'm going to check her out for sure! :)