Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bed time blues

It seems I have mentioned this before, for some reason R2 gives us trouble every night around bed time.

We get him settled, he's watching TV, and the next thing I know I hear the following calls:

1. Mama!!
2. R1 won't share the covers!
3. I need you!
4. I need another hug and kiss!
5. Mama!!
6. I need a drink!
7. You forgot to turn on the light!
8. Mama!!

So last night was no different except that I was extremely tired and Hubs was doing some research on the computer.

My question is this how do you get a 41/2 yr old to settle down and go to sleep? He is usually in his bed by 8 and lights out by 8:30/9.

I've read the books, tried leaving him in his room,crying, and nothing is working. So anything at this point would be helpful or else I'm gonna ground my self to my room for the night!

Oh wait, I might like that.


Genny said...

Oh we've had our share of bedtime blues over the years too!

Unknown said...

You know, I did a TERRIBLE parenting thing to get Kaish to sleep every night. I slept with him. Oh yes I did. I crawled right in there with him and fell asleep. When Kaish and I got married to Gary it was a hard routine to break! I can't offer any good advice, as you can tell by my own horrible parenting techniques!