Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The great costume debate

I can finally say my boys are costume ready for Halloween.

And it only took a sweet forever for R1 to decide what he was going to be this year.

R2 was all set on Iron Man until he saw the Bumble Bee, from Transformers, costume with it's built in muscles and body armour. He grabbed the costume off the rack and wouldn't let it go until I told him I would buy it.

R1 well he was on the fence about several different ideas he had and couldn't and wouldn't commit to any one thing.

So after much gnashing of the teeth and trying to find the one he wanted in his size he has decided to be a ninja.

A black ninja with a body shield and shields for his shins and arms. And a sword. Because no ninja is complete with out a sword.

My only problem is that half way through the night I will end up carrying said sword along with their candy bags/buckets.

So tell me what your kids are going to be for Halloween?


Brooke said...

no kids - but i'm going to a western themed party, so i'm going to be a cowgirl.

The Charm House said...

Reid is going to be a pirate. LOL And I am going to be a pirate girl. Of course to greet all our little trick or treaters at the door. Filling bags today!
And YES, I can make you a necklace with the boys on it. E-mail me a picture that would look good in a square!
Love you,