Monday, October 26, 2009

The dreaded class project, again

So here were are AGAIN! That time of the year where the teachers are giving out class projects.

This year R1 has to do a diorama of one of four Indian tribes they have been studying.

Diorama is a fancy word for grab a shoe box cover it in brown paper and then break out the glue gun, but not before going to Hobby Lobby to get all of the necessary items to make the project. And to stock up on 1. more glue sticks 2. more Halloween stuff (50%-75% off) and 3. Christmas stuff it's already marked down to 40% off.

So while R1 played his DSi, I went to work on his diorama. My OCD for all things crafty takes over and even if he wanted to try to help, I wouldn't let him. Just kidding.

But anyone who has ever done a class project know the parents are the ones who really make the project. There is no way a child of his age could make a life size scale of a working robot. Which was one of last years projects. I'm just sayin'.

I sat down at the kitchen table, with all my supplies and started planning and fabricating just how I was going to position the Indians, teepee's and all the other Indian stuff.

After about an hour this is what I, I mean we, came up with, that a few fingers that were burnt and still have hot glue residue on them!

We used a Nike box and since it was bright orange, I covered it in brown wrapping paper, inside out..the right side says "Do not open before Dec 25th.

The finished diorama

My bad photography skillz, trying to show you my burnt fingers covered in hot glue.


Beth Cotell said...

I dread the day when we have to work on a project. Dread. It.

You (I mean R1) did a great job!

Genny said...

It turned out great! Sorry you burned your fingers!

Unknown said...

Oh no. Oh no! Oh no! About the joke! It looks awesome. I just love the work you two did together!