Thursday, November 6, 2008

My boys

The other night while putting the boys to bed, R3 asked if I would sit and watch the movie that was on with him.

He was watching The Parent Trap. I wish it was the original one with Hayley Mills but R3 likes the one with Lindsey Lohan. (When she was a respectable girl) And it's OK because I like the new version to, I just like the other one better.

So I plopped my self down on the bed and R3 leaned into me and we just sat there and watched the movie. I sat there for almost 30 minutes just breathing in his fresh out of the bath smell.

The next thing I know, R8 comes and sits down right next to me and grabs my hand. He says, I love you mama. And my heart melts.

The boys and I watched the rest of the movie together. Well they watched and I studied each child. I carved their features into my brain like I have done a thousand times before.

Trying to capture a moment in time. I really just wanted to freeze time and stay there for ever.

I prayed over each child. I prayed for the men they will become and the boys they are now. I asked God to keep them safe from harm. I asked Him for an easy journey in life for them, knowing at times it wouldn't be. And when those times presented themselves if He would lift the load and guide them down the path made easier by His presence.

I breathed deeply into each child's head. To smell their clean hair. To touch their soft check.

While I know my season in motherhood isn't always easy, sometimes it down right stinks! I know to the very depth of my soul that I am blessed.

Blessed to be their mom. Blessed to feel complete. Blessed God gave them to me.


Jules from "The Roost" said...

What a sweet moment! :)

Unknown said...

So truly beautiful! What a blessing to have such special memories with your babies!

Genny said...

Grabs your hand and says I love you? You can't beat that!

Thanks for your sweet comment today. :)