Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Being a working parent stinks

This week is the crazy scheduling of school Thanksgiving dinners and activities.

This past week, R8 had his Thanksgiving school lunch for the parents on Tuesday and R3 had his on Thursday.

Being an outside the home working mother, it gets hard to pick and choose which functions to attend.

I have a great boss who lets me leave when needed to take care of things for my boys but I never want to over step the boundary of asking off to much.

This is where being a working parent stinks!

It is always a hard decision to make. I don't want to hurt my child's feelings or for them to be the one with out a parent at a function.

I have seen the look on the children's faces whose parents don't come and it breaks my heart.

So I told both boys that I would try my best to come to each ones dinner. I ended up going to R8's and when I walked in the classroom, he had his head in his hands with a pitiful look on his face waiting to see if someone would show up.

His face lit up and was so excited I was there. It made me glad I went.

Thursday came and I just couldn't get away to go to R3's party. I had a 2pm deadline and I didn't take lunch just to get it finished in time.

Hubs ended up going to R3's party and he was just as excited to see him as he would have been to see me. I on the other hand still felt bad I wasn't there. I know Hubs has just as an important role as I do, but I'm the mom! I wanted to be there.

What I want to know is how do other mother's do it? I know I can't do it all but I could use some advice.


Jules from "The Roost" said...

Mr. Perfect's mom is a school teacher and she is already finding it hard to balance life. Sounds like you are doing the best you can. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

It is SO hard. I can't come to all of Kaishon's events and he always feels terrible when I don't come. Gary works and he can NEVER get off so my child looks abandoned I am sure. Plus the school already doesn't like me that much, so you know I think this makes them think I am a terrible mom. I am really glad your husband could go! What a blessing!