Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Paying it forward

Beachy Mimi, who by the way has a heart as big as the world and is so funny she will have you rolling on the floor laughing, had a give away going on a while back for Thanksgiving and I won!

I couldn't believe it. I was so excited. I love to win, anything really. It's the thrill of the win that gets me.

Anyway, she was giving away two $50.00 gift cards to Walmart. TWO!

One for you to keep for yourself and one to pass on. Pay it forward she said. She also said be in prayer for a specific need to give your card to.

So I did just that. I prayed and asked God to lay on my heart what to do with the gift card I had won.

I prayed for several days and then all at once God answered me. He said ask Hubs. He teaches school and would surely know a family that could use a $50.00 gift card this time of year.

And I did just that.

I told him about how I wanted a child who might not usually experience the holidays the way we do, to have a chance at possibly making one of their dreams come true. To have food for Thanksgiving or presents at Christmas.

He said that was a wonderful idea and would ask the school counselor if she knew of a family that could use a little help this year.

The catch on my part was I wanted the gift to be completely anonymous. I didn't want this family to feel obligated to thank us or worse to feel embarrassed if they saw us in the hall at school.

So Friday morning Hubs brought the gift card to school and approached the counselor. God has such perfect timing. PERFECT TIMING!

The counselor had said just that morning a family was put before her who were in need of some help.

It was a family of four whose out look for the holiday season wasn't very bright and they were struggling.

See God's perfect timing? He amazes me every day.

He provided me with the win from Beachy Mimi to provide this family with a little hope.

When Hubs called me and told me the story two things happened.
1. I got chills, big fat goose bumps.
2. I felt blessed.

I know the economy is in the toilet right now. And everyone seems to be pinching pennies.

But I am asking all of you to find some way to pay it forward. Whether it be a gift card for $10.00. Or volunteering at a soup kitchen. Maybe donating old coats and blankets to a homeless shelter.

Give to some one who could truly use your blessing this time of year.

Pay it forward. You won't regret it and in return you will be the one who is blessed.


Beachy Mimi said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing your story with us. We could all do so much more...little simple things...if we just put some thought it it.
Bless you.

Queen B said...

Good for you. I am so glad that you were open to God's leading!!!