Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The big time

R8 has reached the big time.

He is now a bus rider at school.

We live outside the school district lines but Hubs teaches in the district and as perk our children get to attend school there.

Hubs takes R8 to school every morning and has since he started kindergarten. Usually R8 goes to after school care at the daycare where R3 goes.

After much discussion Hubs and I decided that R8 can ride the bus to the middle school when school lets out to meet him while he coaches basketball. Also our friend S graciously said she would pick him up for us if we ever needed her to. That would be very convenient for me as we are staying with them right now.

Yesterday was the first day for him to ride the bus and I must say I was very nervous. I always rode the bus when I was in school and this really shouldn't have been a big deal. It wasn't a big deal for R8, he was excited. Me, not so much.

I didn't want him getting on the wrong bus. I didn't want the older kids to have a bad influence on R8. We all know kids can be cruel and I didn't want that for my child.

Also we had a family tragedy a few years ago that has left a deep scar regarding bus riding.

So I really had to pray about this. I had to turn all of my anxiety and fear over to God. I had to give him complete and total control. I admit, it took some effort all day.

While I knew deep in heart God would cover R8 and take care of him, it's the mama in me that wanted to micro manage.

But in the midst of my struggle God provided me with peace and proof that he is in control. He had his hand all over the situation.

R8 arrived safely to Hubs. And the message Hubs texted me said this...

He is here. Powers out!


The Charm House said...

Enjoyed your blog this morning!!!! Just wanted you to know on my trip to the doctor yesterday, I finally dropped your package off by the UPS store. Make sure your friend gets one from me for taking care of you so well!!! Please give other tiles to any person in your area that your please! And the special little gift is for you!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Oh I could not of made it through the school years without lots & lots of prayer!!!! It is the only way ;)