Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's over

The election is over.

No more campaigning. No more name calling. No more mud slinging. No more debates. I would like to say no more media coverage but that has only begun.

My candidate didn't win. I am heart broken.

I knew that who ever won last night history would be made with either a female or a black male in the top two spots of our great nation.

While reading the blogs I visit everyday and then a few new ones the views displayed on election day were all the same.

God is in control. He knew the out come of this election before we did. His hands were all over yesterday's election.

I know we need to pray for the new leader of our nation
. We need to cover him with prayer. We need him to feel God's presence so strong that He can longer be denied.

God is in control. My savior is in control of me. He gives me peace and comfort. Only Jesus Christ can do that, not this new leader.

While there are many questions about the future of our nation, I have no questions in my future. My future will be with my Lord and Savior. I will rest in him.


Wanda said...

Oh sister friend! You are so right! God is in complete control. Isn't that what much of our faith is hinged upon? Trusting Him? I know for myself and my family (WE ARE SO SQUEEKY TIGHT ON THE CONSERVATIVE SIDE IT ISN'T EVEN FUNNY!!) that we were pretty devastated on the election outcome. BUT....... you and many other wise follower's have said......Our Lord IS IN CONTROL!

I know without a shadow of a doubt....I'm much safer in His hands than in my own, anyday.
Now, it's time for us to get busy! We must pray for our country and it's leaders more than ever now.
I will do my part in that endeavor.

The Charm House said...

Ok...I can't even turn on the TV today because I am so upset with the election! I just keep remembering that God has HIS hand on this whole thing and that is the ONLY thing that can bring me peace!!! I S TILL DON'T WANT TO WATCH TV! LOL
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Jules from "The Roost" said...

AMEN & AMEN!!!! I have had to remind myself of that all day! :)

Anonymous said...

glad for your perspective. i've been reading lots too and its nice to read people's responses

MIMILEE said...

God is in control and I am so thankful that I truly believe that! I am heartbroken that McCain did not win, but God has a bigger plan and we must trust him.

Thanks for you words of comfort today! <><

Unknown said...

Perfect post. I am very hopeful about the President elect. I believe God can use him even if he isn't the canidate I might have chosen.