Monday, November 24, 2008

Quit grawlin' like an ol' barre

One night this past week Hubs and I were flipping through the TV channels and came a cross one of my favorite movies.

The Coal Miner’s Daughter.

I love this movie. It is one of those that I could watch over and over and recite every line.

Other movies I could do this with would be….
Sixteen Candles
Can’t Buy Me Love
An Affair to Remember
The Parent Trap (old and new version)

Anyway, Hubs made the comment he had never seen The Coal Miner’s Daughter and so from that point on the TV never changed channels.

I also know how he hates it when I spew out the coming line or even better when I talk with the actor when they are saying their lines.

So in honor of his first viewing, I kept my mouth shut. Oh it was hard but so worth it.

Y'all I love Lorettie’s accent when she is talking to Doo or her mama and daddy. I also love the one liners she constantly says during the entire movie.

For those of you who have seen this movie you know exactly what I am talking about.

The movie is based on the life of the first lady of country music, Loretta Lynn. It is truly a touching and amazing story.

She is always telling Doo to quit grawlin’ like and ol’ barre or saying daag gumit Doo.
Great I tell you, great.

Loretta grew up in a town called Butcher Holler. I never knew there was such a place till I saw this movie. I grew up in big city Houston and Butcher Holler is tiny city rural.

Speaking of rural, did you know that UPS considers College Station, TX rural?

(Did you just totally get that transition?)

I mean the home of Texas A&M University. Home of the 12th Man. Home to one of the nations top universities. Home of the Aggies! Gig Em'

Please, rural, I don’t think so.

I had to ship fire alarm plans for the company I work for to the Fire Marshal in College Station and they had to be overnighted.

So when I went to UPS and asked for overnight delivery I asked if they could be there at 8AM, because I know this a new option they are offering.

The nice sales lady said they didn’t offer the 8AM delivery because it was in a rural area.
Now I don’t know how many of you have ever been to College Station, but is anything but rural.

I don’t see how a city with a university the size of Texas A&M could be consider rural, but whatever.

So the only option I had was delivery by 10:30AM. So I jumped on that and sent the plans off.

The great news in all of this was the plans were delivered by 10AM.

And the Fire Marshal approved the plans so we can start working on a new multi story apartment complex designed in the shape of a horseshoe, with its very own multi story parking garage. And it’s very own mini shopping center right in the middle. Complete with gas station, grocery store, work out complex, and laundry service. Kind of like its very own city.

So if College Station is considered rural, what would this new state of the art apartment complex be considered?


Jules from "The Roost" said...

Aggies Rural? Well......just kidding ;) Couldn't resist :)

Anonymous said...

Hey little chickadee
I miss you face and your voice. hope all is well

love ya

Unknown said...

Am I a loser because I have never seen The Coal Miner's Daughter. Or any of the other movies you love except for the Old and New Parent Trap.

I am having an anxious-can't-sleep night. Thank you for praying : )!