Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An early Christmas present

Hubs gave me an early Christmas present. Even though we said we weren't going to exchange gifts between us this year he couldn't resist.

A while ago I was reading a post by Shannon for this.

I immediately fell in love with it and proceeded to talk about it for the next week.

We are out of the baby stage in my house and there are no plans for going back there either. But I loved the idea of using it for my lap top.

I like to sit in the recliner and work on the computer but the darn thing always gets so freakin' hot that I have to put a million blankets over my legs. Then I get hot and have to kick them off only to have to put them back on. It's a vicious cycle.

So this pillow was the perfect answer.

Hubs ordered the pillow for me and didn't tell me until a few days before it arrived. I hugged his neck, glad to see all of the subtle hints I gave during the week worked.

So on the day it was to arrive I was super pumped. But it never came. For some reason or another it went back to Heather at the Blessed Nest.

Heather is wonderful! She kept apologizing to Hubs for the inconvenience. And because it ended up being a few more days till I actually got the pillow, she threw in another cover.

How is that for customer service? I will never have to wait to use my pillow because the cover is dirty and being washed.

The pillow is terrific! If you know anyone who uses a laptop computer or is expecting a baby, this would be the perfect gift.

The only problem I am having right now with mine is I never get to use it. R8 takes it and snuggles with it. And I have to wait till he is asleep to pry it from his grasp.

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Jules from "The Roost" said...

OH what a great gift! Now I want one ;)