Monday, August 4, 2008


Have any of you heard of Woot? Have any of you been to their web site?

It is a web site that holds one day sales on all kinds of stuff. Hubs is really into checking their stuff out.

Every now and then they will offer what is called a random bag of crap for only a $1.00.

I know sounds stupid. Some times it is and other times they have awesome stuff. This bag of said crap sells out in seconds. Seconds I tell you.

The catch you don't know what you are getting. It might be some comic books and a note pad and pencils. While other times it might be a flat screen TV or a Fender guitar.

I know! A flat screen TV!

Well last week Hubs was one of the elite that was able to purchase one of these bags of crap for the low low price of $1.00 plus $5.50 for shipping.

Here is what he got in the box:
2 random comic books, 1 carry case for stuff for your computer, and this.

Who cares that it is a little older model. It retails for about $200.00. Hubs got it for only $6.50! I have actually been looking at a new one. I dropped mine on R8's field day this past school year and broke the clasp to the battery cover. Now I have a nice shiny silver pipe clear wrapped around it to hold the battery cover on so it will work.

I immediately laid claim to it. Hubs wouldn't need it, I'm the one uses it to capture our memories. But Hubs did say I could have it.

I would have taken it anyway and he would have never said a word.

But I owe Hubs a huge thank you for staying up and checking the web site at mid night to see what item would be on sale.

Thanks Hubs, I love you!


Genny said...

I've never heard of that! Very cool.

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

Never heard of this, but my college daughter says, "woot!" all the time, so I have to tell her about this!