Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A day

The alarm clock goes off. Push snooze four times.

Crawl out of bed.

Get myself ready for the day.

Wake up Hubs and the boys.

Get boys dressed.

Feed the boys breakfast and tell them to brush their teeth.

Give Hubs and boys a kiss and hug bye. Tell them I love them.

Grab back packs and out the door we all go.

Afternoon snack.

Cook dinner.

Clean kitchen while Hubs bathes boys.

Do homework and have play time.

Tuck each boy in bed, tell them a story, and then kiss them good night.

Tell each one I love them the most, the best, forever. (our nightly ritual)

Fold a basket of laundry.

Tell Hubs I love him and give him a kiss good night.

Then off to sleepy land I go only to do it all again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Tell me that was a good day though? Don't put off an expectant father....!

The Broken Man


Genny said...

The joys of motherhood!