Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Musical Talent

R8 comes into the living room and says hey mom do you want to see our talent?

I am thinking the boys are going to have some sort of burping contest to see who is the loudest.

But R8 picks up R3 and holds him sideways. R3 puts his hands straight out above his head. R8 then proceeds to strum R3's belly and move his fingers on R3's arm like he is playing a fret board on a guitar.

All the while belting out some sort of tune I don't recognize.

But the entire 4.6 seconds he is holding R3 the tune running around in my head was Jukebox Hero by Foreigner.

The only thing funnier would to have had my camera ready to take a picture.

1 comment:

Beth Cotell said...

A picture of that would have been priceless!

I think I would have been freaking out the whole time that R8 was going to drop R3!