Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shopping with the boys

Most of my friends have girls. So when they say the are going shopping with their daughters I get this mental picture of them walking through the mall with and arm full of packages. Smiling, trying on clothes, shoes, and stopping by Bath and Body Works for a plethora of good smelly stuff that would make anyone want to buy the entire line of Brown Sugar & Fig products. All the while having a great time.

Me, I have boys and we know boys grow up and become men. Most of whom hate to shop.

Most of the shopping expeditions with the boys are rushed. Get in, get out. Don't look around. They start in with are we done yet or my feet hurt. So Usually if I feel the need to spend some quality time at the mall, I either go by myself or take R3 who is still to young to know the difference. He thinks going to the mall means getting some pretzel bites and a lemonade.

But a few weekends ago we needed to do some back to school clothes shopping. We had a serious talk with R8 about him trying on clothes and shoes. And if he didn't gripe it might not take as long. I also had the same talk with Hubs.

Thank goodness when shopping for them I have this ability to walk into a store look around and determine if there is anything on the racks worth looking at. That cuts out a lot of time that would other wise end in a total and complete melt down by all boys.

So Hubs and I made a plan, start early get it done, go eat lunch and the home.

I was so impressed, we made it to the mall at 10:30AM! We made our scheduled stop to get our pretzel bites and lemonade. Then we hit the stores we always have luck with. Boy did we have luck. Most of the stores were having sales. I got shorts at the Children's Place for R8 for only $4.49. Gotta love that.

Anyway we made our way through the mall and were completely finished by 2 pm. We stopped by Chik-fil-a for lunch. I was sitting there thinking about all the great deals we found. And how not one time did the boys or Hubs loose it in a store. Well there was one time Hubs went to sit down and take a stress break. But other than that it was perfect.

When all of a sudden R3 spots the trampolines with the bungee harnesses. He starts in with how he wants to try this and he needs to try this. I could see the kicking and screaming coming. I stood my ground and told him no. He was to little and that he needed to be at least five before I would let him be hooked up to that contraption.

Then the whining began. No kicking, no screaming, just the whining. I held my ground and walked right past them. Walked right out of the mall, do not pass go, do not collect $200. I walked to the car. I put him in his seat. Hubs and R8 got in and we drove off like we had robbed the place.

All I could think of hurry, faster. If I drive faster he just might fall asleep. And that he did.

No more whining.

Now if I could just explain that to the nice officer that just pulled me over.


Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the shopping with boys.....I do miss the girls now that they are grown but they do occasionally come home only too happy to let me take them to the mall, sooooo.
Sweetie, next time you need a mall fix, call me cause i am in the same shoes

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Your right I raised 3 girls and it is much different but they all whine, thats for sure! Sorry about the cop ;(

Anonymous said...

Hey rrmama: the anon post was from me, i couldn't figure out how to get to my google thingy or how to just put my name so if you're wondering who the heck to call for the mall it was me-TRISH

RR Mama said...

I had a feeling that was you Trish. I think you, me, and S need a girl day!

Claremont First Ward said...

No! The last time I got pulled over I thought the officer would take pity on me because of the mental stress of being confined in a car with 5 kids. He felt absolutely no sympathy for me though. :) Glad your shopping trip was successful up until the very end.