Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting fit with Wii Fit

R8 received money for his birthday from family and friends. He was trying to get enough to buy Guitar Hero for his Nintendo DS system.

Paw-Paw ending up buying the Guitar Hero game for him so he has a few dollars to spend. Big bucks to be exact. I never got that much money for a birthday when I was his age.

So he bought a few things and then decided to save the rest for a Wii Fit. Since they just came out they were pretty hard to find.

Finally last week I found one and snatched that sucker right up! R8 was so excited when I picked him up and told him he had a surprise in the back seat. He looked and scream at the top of his lungs...THANK YOU MOM!!!

I don't know what he was thanking me for, it was his birthday money. Yeah I do, I spent the past few weeks driving all over town and calling every game store with in a 50 mile radius just to find this game for him.

So when we got home on Tuesday night we cooked dinner and then hooked up the Wii Fit. First let me say that I hooked it up and not Hubs. Everyone knows that he is the computer/game system guru. But I got it working just fine.

And I must say that I have enjoyed this game as much as I enjoy eating a pint of Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

It was fun, and hard, and fun. Did I say it was fun?

R8 and I played for two hours. Our favorite things so far are the balancing games. We both love the Ski Jump and Table Tilt.

Who would have ever thought a video game would be such great exercise.

Oh by the way my Wii Fit age was...29! Go mama, go mama!
I am not reveling my weight though, a lady never tells how much she weighs.

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Trish said...

told you, told you, told you that you would love it and have a blast.