Thursday, June 9, 2011

I had to find something to beat this heat

Oh the heat! I seriously don't remember it ever being this hot in early June.

And several time in the past few weeks the weather man has even confirmed this by stating we have had new record highs.

I took a picture with my phone and posted it on Facebook last Saturday where it showed it was 105 at 2pm. 105 PEOPLE!

Any way

When it's this hot I go in search of ice cream. Blue Bell Ice Cream to be exact. During the Summer they come out with a few new flavors. And this year they did not disappoint!

Look what is in my it's not the pizza rolls or the guacamole...

COCONUT FUDGE IS THE BOMB! It's like biting into a Mounds candy bar. It's heaven in a container.

And no that little creamery in Brenham Texas did not pay me to plug their ice cream. 1. They don't have to, it's just that good. (sorry all you Northerners) and 2. If they wanted to throw a few gallons my way, I would NEVER EVER turn them down, even if it's 20 below.

I do have to admit something, that little pint of Coconut Fudge only has about 2 maybe 3 bites left and that's if you scrap the sides.

And now I'll leave you with the imaginary sound of me licking my lips because I just finished off that pint of ice cream.


Tater Mama said...

Oh, sweet mercy, that ice cream sounds divine. Excuse me while I go add it to my grocery list! :)

{amy} said...

I've been wanting to try it! We get their email newsletter, and I saved it to remind myself to pick some up one of these days! Yum!!

Brooke said...

never had coconut fudge ice cream but now i want to!!