Friday, June 24, 2011

I blame it all on the heat

I know I know I didn’t put a post up for two days in row.

Here’s the deal. It’s hot. I’m spent. Brain dead. Tired to the max. I can’t think straight. It’s hot! Baseball season is over, for now. School is out. Did I mention IT’S HOT! And since it is summer, I’m giving myself the freedom to blog or not to blog. If I don’t put up a post every day or if I skip two days in a row, it’s OK.

I will be consistently inconsistent.

I hope y’all have a great weekend. Stay cool, it’s hot outside! And I may or may not see you on Monday.


Brooke said...

we'll still be here :) have a great one!

{amy} said...

Girl, I'm consistently inconsistent, too! I aim for a few posts a week, because there's no way I could do one every day. I may not have loads of followers that way, but I'm happy with the ones I've got! :) Enjoy your summer, & fill us in on what's going on when you have a chance! But don't wait until it cools off, 'cuz then we wouldn't hear from you until October!