Thursday, June 16, 2011

I had lunch with...

Yesterday I got to met and have lunch with Amy from Theme Song of the Day.

And before I get started....Thanks for the hug Brooke! Next time you just need to fly here or Amy and I need to take a road trip.

Anyway we met up for some Mexican food at one of my favorite places.

We laughed and talked about everything. I don't even think we stopped talking to eat. We just took turns talking while the other took a bite. She was so real, just like her blog. And she also has a beautiful smile and some amazing hair!

And because I'm such the wonderful blogger, I do not have a picture. I forgot my camera and didn't even think to pull out my phone. But Amy remembered her camera and took a few pictures.

I had a great lunch and loved getting to know her! Hopefully we will get the chance to meet up again.


Brooke said...

*jealous* but glad you got the hug ;)

{amy} said...

Aw! It was SO great meeting up with you!! Thank you for your sweet words! I'll get the pics upload as soon as I can! And we'll definitely have to meet up again SOON!!