Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Acting like an adult

Why is that when things happen and you act like the adult and you are being the bigger person, no notices.

They only seem to notice when you act like complete butt, everyone sits up and takes notice, even the fleas take notice.

There are times you just really want to let it fly, put it out there, speak your mind and tell someone off. But you take the high road and let it be.

Saturday was one of those days. I really wanted to speak my mind. Tell this person off to the ends of the earth. Sometimes I just wish I could blurt out what I really think. In the end, I said nothing and left well enough alone.

I wish more people would say, hey we know you were pretty mad but you acted like the adult and walked away and we noticed. And thanks for being the bigger person and doing the right thing.

All I can say is I know what you did and one day it will come around and bite you in the butt! And I hope I'm there when it does.

OK to be honest, that really didn't make me feel better.

High Ho, High Ho, it's off to the high road I go.......High Ho High Ho High Ho....


Brooke said...

the high road is a lonely place to be sometimes!

{amy} said...

Ugh! I know what you mean! For what it's worth, I'm proud of you for taking the high road!