Wednesday, June 1, 2011

5th grade TAKS and sleeping on the roof

Well once again the 5th graders have come through. They scored better than 92% on their Science TAKS tests

I have to brag here, my son got commended. That means he missed less than three on the entire test. GO R1!

And because the teachers make them strive for the best, the Science teachers bet them that if they scored 92% or better they would sleep on the roof.

So last night Hubs, because he is one of the Science teachers and Coach Jordan had to sleep on the roof.

Last year there were some severe thunderstorms that came through around 1AM and they had to get down for a while but this year not so much as even a cloud. (Don't get me wrong, I would love it if it rained, we need it so desperately!)

So I hope you had sweet dreams Hubs. I'll see you in a minute when I bring the boys to school!


Mari said...

That's great! Hooray for R1 and for Hubs too!

Brooke said...

furniture? isn't that cheating? :P