Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What was I thinking

The title should say it all and clearly I wasn't thinking when I made this agreement.

R1 has been going to Sparq training. It is a work out developed by Nike, you can go here to read and see more about it.

Any way,

Part of the training is that every night and I do mean every night R1 has to do 40 push ups and 60 crunches.

So in order to motivate R1 I made an agreement with him that I would do them with him.

Seriously, I know! Believe me I know.

So for the past few days R1 and I have been working out, kinda.

He's getting the full benefit of the core muscle training and I'm getting just part of. But oh how just part of it is kicking my butt!

My arms are sore, my chest is sore and so are my sides. I keep telling myself that a woman of my age shouldn't be doing these sort of things but then I look at a friend of mine who is my age and is a Body Pump trainer and what great shape she is in. And if she can do it then so can I.

And what I really want to ask you is should I go ahead and unlock the front door and put the phone on the floor by me just in case I can't get up and I need help?

I'm just sayin'.

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