Monday, November 16, 2009

Road trip to Marshall, Texas

Just a little up date on the old works stuff. The hearing was postponed and should be taking place in a few weeks. UGH! I was really hoping to get all of this behind me but it looks as if it's going to be a little longer.

This past weekend the family took a road trip to Marshall, TX. We went to ETBU (East Texas Baptist University) to be exact.

Some good friends of ours have a son, Austin, who will be graduating in December and he was playing his last college football game.

Austin's wife, Lindsey, invited all of their family and close friends to come and celebrate this day with them. The only catch was Austin knew nothing!

Before the game ETBU was going to announce all of the seniors and introduce them and their families. So Lindsey along with Austin and his parents were all down on the field waiting to be announced and Austin looks up into to stands just to see how crowded it was.

His face said it all! He was so surprised and excited to see about 40 of us, sitting there ready to cheer him on.

It was a great game and ETBU won 42-7. Sorry Howard Payne University! And Austin had four tackles and ended up holding the record for the most this season.

Then after the game we all stood around for pictures and the headed off to his house for yet another surprise.

Lindsey planned to have all of us over for a BBQ. So while Austin was cleaning up we were all setting up!

When Austin walked up and saw all of us standing there and clapping for him he was even more shocked. He truly had no idea. Lindsey kept it from him for almost a month.

You see Austin's dad, Richard, is one of Hubs' coaching buddies. They have been coaching together for over 12 years. Hubs' even coached Austin when he was in middle school.

And back when Austin was in middle school he broke his wrist during a football game. And so Hubs told both Richard and Austin one thing Saturday night during the party.

It's a long way from "Holy Crap, it's broke!" Which is exactly what Richard said when Austin broke his wrist.

Way to go Austin! We are so proud of you and of Lindsey!!!


Hubs said...

You are definitely showing your love for football! He lead the team in tackles this season not held the record for them. And you took a little liberty by paraphrasing that last part, although I do understand you are "keeping it clean".

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

LMAO!! Love the Hubs comment!!

Lou Cinda :)