Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Dreams

So RRmama doesn't know I am doing this. I'm hijacking to tell some funny stories that happened this week.

On Wednesday night I was working on my computer and she was sitting in the recliner watching her favorite shows on Food Network. About 10:30 I head a noise that sounded like she was choking to death. I turned around and she was asleep so I said, "are you okay?" She did not reply but she moved and I could tell the noise was actually her snoring. She moved enough to stop so I went back to my work. A few minutes later I hear her "choking" again. So I decided that was enough and I tell her to go to bed. I help her get up and on her way and about halfway down the hall she just looks up and out of the blue says "Wow, that looks delicious!" Huh??? What are you talking about. I guess she really was into her Food Network., so much so she was dream walking down the hall to it.

So, fast forward to Thursday night, well really Friday morning about 3. I rolled over in bed and once again she is making some weird noise, a grumbling this time. I once again ask, "what's wrong are you ok?" Her reply, "I would be if you wouldn't have left me on the side of the road". What?? I would never leave her on the side of the road to begin with, but the only place we had been together was about 2 minutes away and there really isn't any place to leave her.

It has been an interesting couple of nights around here. Hopefully she will keep saying funny stuff.

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