Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shoes shoes and more shoes

This past weekend a local department store was having a huge sale and I almost missed it!

My sister in law called to tell me Bealls was having a sale. Buy anything in the store and get the next anything for a dollar.

I know A DOLLAR!!! That's like almost free or get both for HALF OFF!

So with that sale in mind I hopped in the car and headed to the store.

R1 needed new tennis shoes and R2 was beyond need. As I was getting into the car Hubs informed me that he needed new shoes too.

Also R1 has been begging for a pair of Converse All-Stars. He has been asking every weekend if we could go get him a pair. My response has always been no but only because they are canvas and he is so hard on shoes. And I really didn't want to spend $45.00 for a pair of shoes that would be in total shreds after the first week.

So upon arrival to the store, I briefly glanced at all the beautiful sweaters, screaming cold weather, and kept right on walking. I mean seriously, it's November and the weather is a gorgeous 75* and I am still running around in capris and flip flops. Oh and not to mention that Tropical Storm Ida will be in the gulf of Mexico next week.

I KNOW!!! A tropical storm. Come on November 30th.

OK back to the story.

I make my way to the shoe department and I immediately find a pair of shoes for R2 and then I go look for Hubs. As luck would have it I found a pair for him too. Hubs=regular price and R2=$1.00.

Then I start to look for R1. I find him a pair of tennis shoes and then think I really need to find another something or other to get it for a dollar. Because really who could pass up a great pair of jeans or a jacket or another pair of boots for a dollar!

So I look around and I can't find a thing. I don't know what was wrong with me but everything I looked at was either to small or two sizes two big. Or not what I was looking for. But then the thought came to mind.

R1 and his Converse All-Stars.

Now if the store just had them in his size. So I walk back over to the shoes and SCORE!!! They had them. I couldn't pass them up for a dollar. I would have been crazy. And if they fell apart in the first week then I could justify it by only paying a buck.

I walked out of Bealls with my, uh I mean, the boys shoes and went straight home to show them.

R2 and Hubs like theirs and then I pulled out the first pair for R1 and showed him. I said he liked them but you could see the disappointment in his eyes just a bit. And then I pulled out the second pair and the next thing I knew I had his arms around my neck telling me I was the best mom ever!

And just look how cute, I mean cool they look.

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