Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Following in big brothers foot steps

Before I got home yesterday, Hubs called me on my cell phone and warned me of something that happened to R2 at school.

R2 had a nice red bruise to his face. His cheekbone just below his left eye to be exact.

And let me just clarify this, I know the title says following in his big brothers footsteps but R1 did not kick anyone in the face nor has he ever been kicked in face.

But R1 has been it in the face with a baseball, several times.

And I would like to say that R2 got his lovely bruise doing something glamorous such as being hit with a baseball but that is not what happened.

Apparently R2 and his friend B got into a scuffle at school which resulted in R2 being kicked in the face.

So in following in his big brothers foot steps, R2 now has a bruised face to add to his collection of many facial mishaps.

Just check this out...OUCH!!!


Unknown said...

Oh my word. Wowza! He is growing up so much. Such a cutie!

Beth Cotell said...

Ouch is right! I can tell by his smile he must be o.k.