Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And the birthday gifts keep flowing

Who doesn't happy birthday themselves?

I have decided to give my self a blog make over.

It's been almost a year and it's time for a change.

And who better to ask than my fellow bloggers.

Who give the best make over for the money?

Does anyone have a favorite person who designed their blog and would recommend them?

I have checked around and found the prices to all be about the in the same range.

But there are so many people to chose from.

Please tell me about your experience with your blog design and if you liked your designer and were they easy to work with.

Did they give ideas or did you know what you wanted.

Once I find something I like it stays around for say an eternity.

I would appreciate all and any advise.



Brooke said...

as evident by my blog, i haven't use anyone for a makeover - so i'm interested to see your comments!

McElroy Family Happenings said...

Like Brooke, I'm waiting on you to tell me who to use!


Beth Cotell said...

I used Jennisa at Once Upon a Blog and she was great to work with. She mostly uses scrapbook page graphics.

After I got bored with that design I used Jo-Lynn at Musings of a Housewife. She was also great to work with. She gets her images from iStock so you have virtually any image they carry to choose from. This makes it a little more expensive option.

I think Jenissa's waiting list is pretty long so it may take her a couple of weeks to get to you. Jo-Lynn's I think is shorter so she could probably start working on your redesign sooner.

Good luck and Happy Birthday!

The Charm House said...

Try designing it yourself to start.. there are so many great free backgrounds!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

OH I can't wait to see the new birthday look ;) My daughter did mine....and it wasn't cheap! LOL

Unknown said...

I LOVED the one my friend Ragan made for me. Her business is called Blogger Boutique and she cand design like nobody's business! She uses part of her profits for adoption for families. Isn't that the nicest?
I can't wait to see your new design no matter who you go with!