Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post (It will be up tomorrow) for the following special presentation.

So today is RRMama's birthday! I decided to hijack the blog since she will be busy crying over being old and mourning the loss of her 30's. In honor of her birthday I have made a list of 40 or so things about her, all of them are true even if she will claim some are not. Also keep an eye out next week for pictures and info on her big party we are throwing on Friday. Without further adieu here is the list:

1. She is older than me!!
2. She loves the Lord.
3. She recognizes that I am always right.
4. She likes baseball.
5. She is a great Mom
6. She is good at doing laundry!
7. She likes to drive (and that is good because I hate to drive)
8. She is left handed.
9. She isn’t afraid to try weird foods like alligator, squid and chicken gizzards.
10. She is older than the Methuselah
11. She can peel paint off the walls with her burps.
12. She can play the guitar in Rock Band well enough not to get R8 and I booed off the stage.
13. She and R4 like to dance to High School Musical.
14. Although she professes that she will watch the weather every night, she rarely makes it to the commercial before the weather.
15. Even though she tries to cheat at UNO she still can’t win.
16. She puts up with 3 boys and their smells.
17. She likes to “Mope it, Mope it”
18. In her spare time she is an amateur Razor Scooter rider.
19. She likes hockey.
20. Oh yeah, she is older than the wheel.
21. She was really born in New York, but she tells everyone she was born in Houston.
22. She uses cool phrases like Interpeeps
23. Even though it annoys me she is overly meticulous when cleaning the house.
24. She drools in her sleep, all the time.
25. She can dance the Macarena
26. She is a Bon Jovi fan even though I cannot figure out why.
27. She has an awesome husband (yeah you knew I was gonna be #27).
28. She has kept up with her blog for almost a year, which is 11.5 months longer than I thought she would.
29. She and R8 are Bingo playing fools.
30. Did I mention she is older than rocks?
31. She eats sushi.
32. She can cook some mean Microwave Popcorn (and a few other dishes)
33. She now knows what it means to have “Internet Friends” that she has never met, even thought she made fun of me for this for years.
34. She has no clue about computer games but pretends to actually listen when I talk about them sometimes.
35. She is usually a pretty good snuggler, even though she only leaves me 6.2 inches of bed space.
36. She takes the dog out for a walk all the time “She loves that dog”.
37. She lets me and R4 have “5 more minutes” of sleep every morning.
38. This list is hard it took me a month to come up with 40 things.
39. She uses cool phrases like “I’m just sayin”
40. And finally as of today she is also older than dirt too.


The Charm House said...

I am sitting here crying because I just realized I'm 40...............

The Charm House said...

What am I saying..... Girl, I've been 40 for 9 years now and it has been the best 9 years of my life!! Yahoo!!!! You think bingo was good at 30, wait till you 40.... You think Bon Jovi was good at 30, wait till you 40....You think #27is good now at the age of 30, wait till you are 40, you will have him moving all the way up to #17, heck maybe even TOP 10! Girl, Life is fixing to get really good for you! I'm just sayin' ~ Girl put your record on (I'm singing here in Georgia)now I am changing lyrics to a little Hank Williams.... Happy Birthday Darling!!!
I love you girl!

McElroy Family Happenings said...

Happy Birthday RR Mama! Have a blast at your party on Friday. I hope Mom and Dad take their camera! I enjoy keeping up with y'all through your blog. Your hubs and mine can visit about computer games...we can talk paint colors and blogging!

Hope your day is FAB!

RR Mama said...

Hubs...YOU ROCK!!! I love you!

Brooke said...

happy birthday!!!! :)

hope you have a great one.

Unknown said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love her : ) She is so cool. I am glad she has you. And as a wife who always hears that conversation about the 6.2 inches of bed space, I say GIVE IT UP already. Boys take up just as much space as we do. Now go buy her a King Size bed : ). Seriously! I wish someone would have told me to buy a King Size bed when I got married. A Queen is NOT big enough at all. Not. At. All. I think I need to do a post about this : )

Happy Birthday to one of my most favorite bloggers!

The Charm House said...

Leaving you something tomorrow at my blog...

Jules from "The Roost" said...

AND I have never met her but I think she is amazing too! Happy 40th RR Mama! Welcome to the world of the wise! ;)