Monday, March 23, 2009

His smile was worth it

I have to say, I had one of the best weekends!

Opening day for baseball was Saturday and it was the best. But that is for another post.

On Sunday I took R4 to Sesame Street Live.

Anyone that has small kids or had small kids knows about Sesame Street Live shows. They are so much fun.

I used to take R8 when he was little. He loved it.

I found out the best place to sit is on the first 3-5 rows and on the end.

Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster, The Count, Zoe, Abby, Telly, and the rest of the gang all come down off of the stage at some point and shake hands with the kids and give hi-fives.

So I did the same thing with R4. I bought tickets weeks ago and got third row on the end.

That boy was in heaven when Grover and The Count came over and hugged him and patted his head. He wanted to get up go on stage with them and dance.

The funny thing is he really doesn't watch Sesame Street at home but yet he knew all of the characters.

Sesame Street does a great job of keeping the kids interested in what's going on.

We all know when we get there you are bombarded with the souvenir stations.

Yes being the sucker that I am I bought in to it. And yes the prices have increased over the past five years.

A light up spinner thing with Elmo on top used to be $11.00 not any more. And the cute Elmo mylar balloons used to be $7.00 not any more.

Lets just say that I brought $50.00 cash with me to spend and I ended up using that and my debit card.

I hope he doesn't mind when he gets older and I hand him a box of toys left over from the trips to see Elmo and the gang and tell him this is where his college fund went.

But you know, to see R4 face light up and watching him watching the show made it all worth it.


Unknown said...

Oh, I just love this : ). So sweet : ). I know what you mean about those silly souveneirs. At least you are a good mommy with cash. You know I always forget cash and usually only have my credit card which lots of people don't take.... so poor Kaish, he doesn't always get the souveneirs. Don't tell anyone that I am NOT Mother of the year, mmmmmmmmmk? : )

We didn't do that much this weekend. The bounce place on Saturday night. We played at a big dirt mound in our development last night. That was exciting : ).

Brooke said...

how fun!! :)

McElroy Family Happenings said...

Oh...can't wait to do Sesame Street with Mara. Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

Beth Cotell said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you had a wonderful time. sounds like you made some great memories!