Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Murder on the Prairie

I have the most awesome Hubs and family!

This past weekend Hubs and his sister and my mother in law threw me a 40th birthday party.

A mystery dinner theater party.

It was so much fun!

Everyone came dressed up in prairie period wear and the place was decorated with a western theme. And the best part...Hubs cooked!

He cooked brisket and sausage, which had been marinating in my fridge for a week. He also made baked beans, potato salad, and all of the trimmings.

We even had old barrel tins that held bottle drinks and of course we had pitchers of tea.

The mystery part was set in the old west. And my husband was the hated man in town.

He was found murdered. And we had to figure out who murdered him.

There were suspects, clues, and hints given through out the dinner. The only two people at the entire party who knew who did it was Hubs and his sister.

I guess they had to know since they planed the party. But figuring out was fun. I have some pretty competitive friends and family!

And what is a birthday party with out pictures! So get ready this is going to be a picture laden post.

Oh...Hubs...YOU ROCK! Thanks again for throwing me the best 40th birthday party a wife could ever ask for. I love you, and can't wait to spend the next 40 years with you!!

Here is Hubs pre-party. His sister and I had to comb his hair back. He was the barber and Hubs has very little hair. When R4 found out he was the barber, he told him he couldn't be the barber because he had no hair.

What is party with out cake?

Upon arrival to the party everyone was escorted to the viewing of my "dead" husband by R4. He loved that there was a "dead body" in the middle of the party. And since everyone was around naturally pictures were taken.

Here is the family...me, Hubs, R8 and R4. Yes that is a Buzz Lightyear costume R4 is wearing. He was having nothing to do with is bankers assistants costume. And since was a costume party I thought better not to fight it and have him happy for the next few hours.

This is my sister in law and niece and her sister in law. Sister in law was Lu Lu Peachy the can-can girl. My brother in law was supposed to play the Sheriff but my nephew had a baseball tournament out of town and the game started at 7:45 and was 4 hours away. So B filled in as the Sheriff. She was terrific! She also did my make up for the party. I love her and was glad she came!

These are my parents or should I say Charlie Hashbrowns, the cook and Norma Pickett, the teacher. And kudos to Norma, she made her costume and embroidered Charlie's name on his apron.

These are my in-laws. My father in law was the town doctor and he even wrote his own medical report to go along with the death of my husband. It was hilarious! He did a great job.

And here he is giving his report

And here are a few friends taking notes from his report.

Here are a few pictures of some of my friends that came to the party.

C and his daughter S.

T and her husband C and their boys R and J.

S and her husband J and their girls M and K.

And Hubs and the boys gave me this...

It was a birthday I will never forget.


Stephanie said...

That looks like so much fun! And I am pretty sure it wasn't in your house so you didn't have to clean up before or after! Sounds like a fabulous birthday! Beautiful ring!!!

Brooke said...

wow! sounds awesome - and very well thought out!!! :)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! This is so fun : ). I love it. Love it like crazy : ). He is so creative and wonderful. Even if he does think you hog the bed....

McElroy Family Happenings said...

Mom and Dad sent me pictures after the party. They said they had a really good time. Glad you had such fun. And that ring...Girl! Go Hubs!