Thursday, March 5, 2009


One of my favorite things to do is snuggle with my boys.

Last night I was watching TV and R8 comes in and asks if he can sit with me.

I tell him sure and he climbs his 90lb self into my lap.

I know those days are coming to an end sooner than I would like so any time he want to snuggle in my lap I let him.

We talked rather than watch the show that was on.

About ten minutes into our conversation, R4 comes in and asks if he to can climb in my lap.

I wish Hubs would have taken a picture. It was a quite a scene.

Me, R8, R4, and Cookie all in the recliner under the covers. All you could see of three of us were our heads and the only visible part of Cookie was her tail.

It didn't take long and I was warm and content and I started to drift off to sleep.

There something about having my boys close and knowing they are right there next to me.

The next thing I remember is Hubs telling them it's time for bed and for me to quit snoring!

So much for contentment.


Jules from "The Roost" said...

What a sweet moment! I snore when I'm content too!

Brooke said...

i love snuggles! i actually set my alarm 15-30 minutes early just so i can start my day snuggling with mr. right

Theresa said...

I only started snoring when we got married in must be from all the contentment

Unknown said...

I love this. It warmed my heart. You are a wonderful mother.
PS I know you were NOT snoring. My husband always says I do that too. Please... impossible!