Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The best swim suit

A few years ago while in search of a swim suit that basically covered my entire middle section, I happened to get a catalog in the mail that changed my out look on swim suits.

I knew the swim suit fairies must have been working over time to make sure that a specific edition of the Lands End swim suit catalog just happened to end up in my mail box.

While I know it's freezing and snowing in some parts it's never to early to think about summer. Maybe just thinking about warmer weather will send some kind of subliminal message to Mother Nature telling her the Mr. Snow Miser can go back to the North Pole and hang out with Santa till around October.


Lands End has the best shopping tool EVER...this.

Last year I think I must have tried every swim suit on my model at least four times before making my decision.

I purchased one and was so excited when it came it. I tried it on and it looked on me just like it did on the model. I couldn't believe it. It actually covered, tucked, and slimmed down everything it said it would.

I was so please with my suit that I decided to purchase another one this year. And I think I spent the better part of last week trying them all on my model again.

So many colors and styles, I couldn't make up my mind but I finally settled on one.

Now if only Mother Nature will cooperate.


The Charm House said...

This sounds to good!!!! Going to have to try it!
I wrote this wonderful comment back to you yesterday with a comment to the boys, and when I hit send it didn't accept it and it went away! I was so ticked because it was so wonderful. LOL
I will try and write it in an e-mail just in case it happens again...
Love you,

Theresa said...

This is genious! I can't wait to try it out and finally get a swimsuit that covers all....thanks.

Wanda said...

I heart that Land's End. They are warm and fuzzy to me!
God bless them for knowing....real babes need perfect coverage! :)

Unknown said...

Oh no. I do not like to think about bathing suit season at all. Not at all. : (. I usually end up with a tank top with shelf bra and a swim skirt. I am a dork at the pool : ). But, gosh, don't you just love being tan? Oh, yes! I can't wait for summer sun!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I can't imagine getting my fanny in a swim suit!

RR Mama said...

Trust me ladies when I say their swim suits cover, they cover! You would never catch me at the lake or by the pool with out proper coverage.

McElroy Family Happenings said...

I've been using that virtual model for a long time now. Except I keep having to increase my model's proportions. I will say that for those of us who are quite large on bottom and in the thighs...NOTHING NADA NOT A DARN BLASTED THING covers enough. And now I have to worry about the boobs, too. I hate my virtual model. She really needs to go on a diet. BIG SIGH....