Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Santa leverage is gone

I picked up R3 from school yesterday and when we got in the car he had a melt down.

I still don't know what caused the melt down but the screaming and yelling at his mama were not on my list of acceptable things to do.

So I told him he needed to stop pitchin' a fit and tell me what he wanted.

His answer was a very sharp NO.

I reminded him that Santa was coming in a few weeks and he needed to be on his best behavior because you never know when he or his elves might show up.

And here is how the conversation went after that.

R3: I don't want any presents!

Me: You don't want presents from Santa?

R3: NO! I don't want anything!

Me: Not even a new bike or a John Deer tractor toy?

R3: NO, Nothing!

Me: OK, I will call Santa and tell him.

R3: F-I-N-E-!-!

So since the Santa threat is gone, I am wondering if his birthday, which is next month, would work as new leverage.

No good behavior, no birthday cake.

I doubt it knowing R3. He would probably just say he wants ice cream.

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