Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hubs the animal killer warrior

As you know we are staying with our friends J and S while our house is being remodeled from Hurricane Ike.

The other night we were all sitting around the table and J comes in and states very calmly to S that there is a possum in the garage.

I jump up wanting to see this furry creature up close and their oldest daughter M come running with me.

We look out the door that leads into the garage but can’t see anything because of the cars. Just about that time Hubs and R8 come in the side door from basketball practice and ask what we are doing.

S and I tell him J is out in the garage trying to kill a possum before it kills their cat.

So Hubs walks out into the garage to check out the situation.

J has got it cornered up against the brick trying to figure out to kill it with the shovel. Hubs ask for the shovel. He walks right up to it and smacks it.

Not once but three times. Just to make sure it is dead. Yes the poor possum met its fate in our friends’ garage that night. J even said something to the effect that Hubs took out the days frustrations on the possum.

Hubs then scooped it onto the shovel and he and his partner in crime walk out to the field behind their house and dump it.

Yup, they dumped the possum right there in the field. The killers then tell us that some other kind of animal will eat the now dead possum.

I don’t know about you but I feel so much safer with Hubs and J around. Never know when we might need their skillz to kill a snake or mouse or even worse an armadillo.

Just kidding Hubs and J, I appreciate all you did, because I sure couldn’t have done it.

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Beachy Mimi said...

Every family needs an opossum killer. You just never know...