Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Almost done

I am almost done Christmas shopping.

The boys are done, thankfully. I have few small gifts to get and most of those are gift cards.

You have no idea how this was stressing me out, not even having one gift bought. The top of my closet now looks like it could all come down at any minute.

But I am feeling better and ready for a marathon wrapping session.

R8 asked for the usual, Nintendo DS games but he completely shocked me when he asked for books.

I couldn't get them fast enough. So he will be the proud owner of the Magic Tree House series on Christmas day.

R3 has told me he wants Geo Trax besides his beloved John Deer Tractor. Good because Santa took his request to heart and he is going to receive a ton of them.

Hubs has asked for a flat screen monitor for his computer and I have had some lengthy conversations with Santa. But since he reads this little blog-o-mine, I can't reveal anything.

As for me, I wanted was to be back in my house and I am getting that wish.

What do all of you want for Christmas?


Anonymous said...

He doesn't really read this. You can tell us all what you got him...

The Charm House said...

Hmmm..... I wonder who Not HUBS said is??? You are so blessed girlfriend! This is such a wonderful Christmas to know that you will be back in your home and things will be getting back to normal for all of you. If I could have anything in the world, I would want everyone to wake up on Christmas morning with a day of peace, happiness and laughter for at least that one day And MOST OF ALL for them to know how much JESUS CHRIST LOVES THEM! That's my Christmas wish for everyone!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I have got to get my gifts wrapped too! I don't really care what I get, I like what people pick out with me in mind :) Usually ;)

Unknown said...

: ) Not Hubs! So funny!

We love those Magic Tree House books around here too! I am so glad R8 asked for books. He rocks!

How do you like those long wrapping sessions? They stress me out a little. I just wrap as I buy. I am all done right now except for the World Series DVD.

I want two things for Christmas: Kaish to be good in school for the rest of the year : ) and a key chain holder. I got one from the dollar store and it is very cool but it turns my fingers green : ). I keep wanting to buy one and then I talk myself out of it : ). I am so wierd!

Did your snow all go away?

Unknown said...

I still have a few gifts left to get. Wish I was totally finished. Not sure what I want ... maybe, just money.