Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My music has been hijacked

I'm not much on reality TV but I got hooked on the past season of American Idol. So much so that toward the end my friend D and I would talk about it every week.

D sent me the new David Archuleta CD that came out a few weeks ago. It hasn't been out of my CD player since.

I know, I took out Travis Cotrell's Ring the Bells.

I have played it over and over. Every song is just so good.

I have played it so much that my kids call him David Enchilada. Not cool kids, not cool. It has now become a game we play. I call him Archuleta and they call him Enchilada.

I have played him so much that R8 is threatening to hold my CD for ransom.

So if you watched American Idol you know how great David sounds. And if you haven't bought the CD, you should.

So how much is to much to pay for a CD that I got for free, which I now love, that my oldest child will more than likely swipe and hold until I pay him?


Jules from "The Roost" said...

I got hooked on the show last year too and can't wait until this year. I smile every time I look at the Santa ornament you sent me ;)

Unknown said...

$10. : ) I think he will take that $10 and buy you something lovely with it. Really, I am almost positive!