Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kissin' up to Grandma

Last week I posted about R3 and his lack of wanting anything for Christmas.

Well all of that has changed.

My MIL and SIL kept the boys for me so Hubs and I could paint.

While they were in the their care, they asked them what they wanted from Santa. R3 tells them he wants a John Deer tractor with a trailer.


Did I hear what I think I just heard. R3 wants presents? They both told me all weekend he kept saying he wanted a tractor and trailer.

On Sunday I decided to ask for myself just to see what his answer would be. And here is how it went down.

Me: R3, what do you want from Santa?

R3: I want a John Deer tractor with a trailer.

Me: Are you sure?

R3: Yes, that is all I want.

Me: What if Santa doesn't bring that.

R3: Then I don't want anything.

Well my MIL and SIL have decided to buy him a John Deer Tractor with a trailer for Christmas. My MIL saw one that is just his size. Thank goodness Christmas would be tragic at our house if we didn't have a John Deer tractor with a trailer.

And here is why they decided to buy him one.

MIL/SIL: R3 what do you want for Christmas?

R3: A John Deer tractor with a trailer

MIL/SIL: What if Santa doesn't bring you that?

R3: Santa can do anything!

Guess he is learing early, if you are nice to Grandma she will buy you just about anything!


Jules from "The Roost" said...

Grammy's are the best ;)

Beachy Mimi said...

That's right!! Grandmother's deliver.

Unknown said...

That is the cutest little story! I am so excited for him. My nephew LOVES his John Deere tractor and trailor!