Monday, April 16, 2012

a field trip and some baseball

Friday R2 had a field trip to a place called Gator Country. Yes it's the same place CMT had a TV series called Gator 911.

Gary Saurage and his wife Jana own this park that houses well lets just say a ton of alligators and snakes and yeah you get the point.

The kids got an anatomy lesson on the gators while the teacher and parents were thinking could you speed this up a bit, they are 7-8 year old and they don't care what temperature an egg needs to be to determine if it will male or female. And in case you were wondering 30 degrees and below will produce a female and anything higher will be a male.

After the field trip was over I took R2 to Sonic to get a snack and all he wanted was a watermelon slush. And it was Happy Hour at Sonic to the drink cost me all of 50 cents. That's a boy after my own heart.

Then of course we we headed to HEB. You know it's a crisis at our house when we run out of Gushers, Ruffles, and sugar. I have to admit the running out of sugar is a sweet tea.

Saturday was full of baseball. R2 had a game at 11AM. I would like to say we won but I don't even think our team was awake when we took the field. But R2 had a great game. He went 3 for 3 and did a great job behind the plate.

R1 had a tournament and his game didn't start till 3PM. Hubs wasn't feeling so well so he stayed home and R2 decided to keep him company, so it was just me and R1. I love moments like that. Just he and I talking about whatever.

And I would like to say his team won but they didn't. I will say it was a great game. R1 had a shot to left field that we all thought was going over the fence. Even R1 thought it was going over. It hit the top of the fence and then just dropped down inside. I screamed at him to RUN! He ended up getting a triple.

Then the coach pulled our pitcher, who had been doing a great job and put in R1 to pitch. Oh be still my mama heart. Nothing like being nervous. R1 was fine, not a ounce of nervous showing on him. Me I took to doing what I always do....stuffing my mouth with sunflower seeds and rocking back and forth in my chair. My friend Melanie started laughing at me. But she totally understood. She does the same thing when her son pitches.

We were down and came back to tie it up in the 5th. It stayed tied all the way to the bottom of the 7th when the other team hit a shot to deep left center and they scored. Game over.

Then the entire team went out to eat Mexican food. I love doing stuff like that with the team. Making memories with friends. I wish had thought to take some pictures.

Even though both teams lost, I was so proud of my kids. Personally they did the best they could and that's all a mama could ask for.


Mari said...

What a weekend! I think all Mom's can relate to your stress - I would do the same!

{amy} said...

I had no idea that the gender of alligators depends on the temperature! I'm glad the boys played well this weekend!!