Monday, April 23, 2012

A little Cardinal baseball

This weekend was full of baseball.

Oh but before I forget, I will have a guest blogger tomorrow. Come back tomorrow to hear from Moore from Katie.

Both boys were supposed to have baseball games on Saturday but we got so much rain here on Friday and Saturday morning that R2's field was a mess and water was standing behind second base and they canceled his game.

R1's field was in great shape and he was able to play.

R1 comes up to bat in the last inning. We are down by 3, there are two outs and there are runners on all bases. First pitch-foul ball. Second pitch-the catcher bobbles the ball and the third base runner steals home. And the other base runners advance as well.

Score is now 5-7 Them.

R1 hits a line drive right to third base. The third baseman throws the ball like a shot put and the first baseman has to dive for the ball and he ends up with his feet off the base. R1 jumps over his legs to touch first. All the while the second and third base runners both score.

Score is now 8-7. R1 drives in the runs and CARDINALS WIN!

Making contact!

Coming into the dugout after driving in the winning run.

The grounds crew after the game.


Brooke said...

way to go R1!!!!!! that's awesome :)

Mari said...

WooHoo R1! Love those kind of games. Great pictures too!

{amy} said...

I love exciting games!! Looking forward to your guest blogger!