Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's been a crazy three days

These past few days have been so insane that I am completely exhausted.

So I've already told you about the weekend and how we had to clean the house on Saturday. What I didn't tell you was the second reason we had to make sure the house was in order. The first reason being it was dirty and desperately needed it. The second was I was having a party on Tuesday night.

A few weeks ago a friend invited me to a gold and silver party. I know you are saying what is a gold and silver party? Well you basically dig through every drawer, jewelry box, freezer, and storage box you have looking for all of your unused, broken, or unwanted gold and silver and turn it in for cash.

I thought well I have a about 4-5 pieces I no longer used or wanted so I took them over to her house where she had a licensed jeweler look the items and quote me a price for them. I have the option to either accept the offer or turn it down.

Well with my 5 little pieces I ended up walking out with $160.00. CASH MONEY!

Then I thought how easy this would be to sell a party like this. No buying! But rather walking out with CASH in your hand. And boy did it ever work. I booked the party and went to work calling, texting, and even creating a event page.

I had a ton of people at my house on Tuesday night and some even went home after their visit and dug up more stuff and came back.

The party was a hug success and my friends and family all walked away with some extra mulah.

Another perk of the the party, was as hostess I received 10% of what was sold (traded in) and if I went over $2500.00 the percentage increased to 15%. I ended up with 15%. I was so excited when I received my CASH at the end of the night. And I'll even be receiving more. I had several people book parties after mine and for each party booked I receive an additional $25.00.

So as you can see with all the house cleaning, baseball, and more cleaning of the house. I'm wiped out. Done. Can't move. Don't wanna move.

Y'all have a great day, I'm off to find a place to take a nap.

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Mari said...

Sounds like a winning party - clean house and cash at the end!