Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Friday-the Landsend swimsuit

OK so you could say summer is upon us here in Texas. I mean it's been a beautiful 80-84 degrees here. Little to no humidity and clear blue skies.

This is summer, well summer the way I want it to be. The "real" summer will be here in a matter of weeks and then the temperatures will sky rocket to somewhere around 127 degrees.

So to get us ready for summer I am going to talk about the dreaded swimsuit. Truth be known I would rather not done one at all but with my in-laws living at the lake it kinda makes it hard not to own at least one swimsuit.

The past several years I have purchased my swimsuits from Landsend. In one word...AWESOME! An no this is not a paid endorsement. It's true. Their swimsuits retain their color, shape and fit over years, years I tell. you.

Below are few swimsuits from Landsend that I adore.


Brooke said...

i have a lands end suit i love, but unfortunately its too small and i'm too cheap to buy a bigger size :(

{amy} said...

I've heard so many great things about their swimsuits. I'll definitely check them out when I'm looking for a new one!