Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break 2012 Edition Recap

So last week we were on Spring Break. Well the boys were, I on the other hand a work a few days. They were painful and now they are over and I don't want to talk about them anymore.

But while the boys were off the time at home was not wasted. They cleaned the house. They swept, vacuumed, dusted, did ALL of the laundry, and cleaned out closets. The only things they left for me was the bathrooms. Disgust! I hate to clean the bathroom. But the toothpaste residue in the boys bathroom sink does need to be washed off occasionally. And the toilet, well lets just say if I could replace it each and every time I cleaned I would but at $200.00 plus, I just take stock in bleach, rubber gloves, and a gas mask. Moving on.

Thursday night we went to the Heritage Festival Fair. The youth from church had planned on going that night so R1 would already be there and Hubs and I decided to take R2. We bought him a wrist band for $20.00 and he was able to ride the rides as many times as he wanted. What he wanted to ride were the big rides. Such as Music Express-a roller coaster that spins around in a circle really fast and plays really loud music. Then the Dragon Wagon-another roller coaster. The bumper cars, Tug Boast Twist, and then the dreaded helicopters. The helicopters are really a kiddie ride. They go around in circle about 10mph. and move up and down. The look on his face was PIT-TI-FUL! He was bored and couldn't wait to get off of those things. He had the need for speed. And yes he's just as cute as Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer were in that movie.

R2 and the bumper cars.

Oh and he also wanted to play a few of the games. But at $5.00 a pop we limited him to 4-5 games. I figured $20.00-$25.00 was enough to just toss down the drain. Because we did spend that much on wrist band and even more than that on food. One of the games was you take a ping pong ball and toss it into a small glass jar that had colored water in it. If you made it you won a goldfish. And at 30 ping pong balls for $5.00 I thought it was more bang for the buck. That was until R2 actually won a fish and we had to carry it around the fair for the rest of the night. And then the next day we had to go to Petco and get him a proper home, proper food, proper rocks and plants. So Goldie welcome to the family. I just dropped $30.00 on you so you better live longer than four hours after I put you in your new home. Just kidding. No I'm really not.

But the best part of the night was when R2 gave each of us a hug and kiss while standing in line to ride the bumper cars again and said this was the best night of his life and winning a gold fish was what he had always wanted to do. And then he kissed and hugged both of us. That made everything worth it.

Then Friday we took the boys to the Children's Museum in Houston. They had so much fun. The entire museum is interactive and there is so much for them to do on each floor. There is one section called Kidtropolis, USA. It is set up like a small city. With a Bank, an ATM, a bike shop, a vets office, TV station, city hall, and HEB. Yes folks they are teaching our kids how to grocery shop. It was awesome. The other great part was the bottom level with Invention Convention. It was set up so the kids could make paper crafts like rockets and air planes, and wind tower paper cups. The boys even got to launch their the rockets they made in the launch tent. They also got to make out of Dixie cups and construction paper for the cranks and cams area to understand how cams and gears work. There was also a place to make to Lego cars to race on the test race track. There was so much to do in this section we didn't get to even finish.

We spent three hours there and it was well worth it. It is s
omething we will do again.

The boys doing an experiment.

R2 at the TV station doing the weather.

The boys climbing through the leaf tower.

This is made entirely out of old phones. Push button phones, rotary dial phones, old cell phones that were so big and heavy.

Rock climbing.

We also ate lunch with Amy and her family. It was great to see her again and to met her kids in person. I have heard so much about them from her blog.

It was great day. And I'm ready for another day just like.


Brooke said...

fun stuff! and i find myself (once again) jealous of your meet up. one of these days i'm going to crash and meet you both! :)

{amy} said...

It sounds like a super great Spring Break ~ especially Friday lunch!! {though I think your next post speaks of sickness. Boo!} How great would it be if Brooke really did come here & meet us both?!