Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And we're down once again

When R2 decides it's time to get sick, he does it up right.

He now has pink eye.

He came home from school Monday and had some greenish gooey stuff in the corner of his left eye. It was also watering and bloodshot.

I washed his eye out and put some wetting drops in put him to bed. Tuesday he woke up and his eye was still watering and looked pretty bad. I called the doctors office and told them what his eye looked like and also told them there had been a few cases of pink eye at school.

They called in a prescription to the pharmacy that I use. And an hour later R2 had his first dose of drops.

And this morning his eye is much better.

OK so let's see, in less than a week we had a stomach virus and pink eye. Let's hope they the sickie don't come in three's.

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{amy} said...

Stink! I'm sorry y'all have been dealing with so much sickness! Boo!