Thursday, March 29, 2012

Out of my league

About a month ago my sweet niece called me and asked me to watch her dance competition. I said yes because I would do anything for that girl.

She told me since I live in a house full of boys, the only alliance I have is the dog, Cookie, that I needed some girl time. Time with her, my sister in law and my mother in law. I thanked her and said I would be there. Then she said the competition was at the end of March and it was in Baton Rouge.

Well it's the end of March and guess where I'm going this weekend? Baton Rouge. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I know absolutely nada about the 6-7 dances she is in. Baseball, no problem, but dance. I'm gonna be so lost. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be like and episode of Dance Moms. High Maintenance.

Also R2 has a baseball game tonight, R1 has a game Friday night and both boys have games on Saturday. So needless to say Hubs will be at home or should I say at the ballpark holding the fort down.

Don't worry I'm planning a trip to HEB to make sure they are stocked up supplies. Frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, Blue Bell ice cream, and the variety size box of band aids- don't judge, you never know.

I'm kinda bummed out that I'm gonna miss a few of their games. I hope Hubs remembers to text me updates.

And all I know is I hope I don't jump up and scream, "He hit a double, he hit a double or he got him out, he got him out!" during one of her dances.

See y'all Monday when I get back, Peace out!


Brooke said...

the one and only dance recital i've been to, i had to be the "dressing room mom" for my niece b/c my sister was out of town. soooooooooo glad the princess is out of that world now!!

{amy} said...

I hope you have a great time! I've never been to a dance recital, so you aren't alone. I hope you don't yell anything about baseball!