Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh love bugs, I do not love you

Dear Love Bugs,

I do not love you.

I do not like the way you float around and linger in the air just long enough to make a mess of the front of my car while I am driving down the road.

I do not like how when I go for a walk you fly into my face and land in my hair.

I do not like how you smell when you fly into my face and I go to swipe you out of the way and accidentally kill you. Sorry!

And lastly I do not like how you are always mating. Can't you find some where to land and take care of that. I do not like having to explain to my six year old, why you are stuck like that.

Thank you.


Brooke said...

if i can add...i do not like when you fly into my mouth as i'm riding my bike.

lol @ your "get a room" post to bugs.

Mari said...

Ha - Thanks for the laugh ths morning!

{amy} said...

Ha ha! Love bugs are so weird!!