Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yes it's September so it's that time of year again.

Hello and welcome to September. I used to like September. My wedding anniversary is in September.

But September is hurricane month around in South East Texas. We don't do very well during the month September. There was Rita in 2005 and then Ike in 2008. And a few tropical storms were thrown into the mix during September as well.

Yes Humberto of 2007 I am talking about you! I remember him so well because I had gotten a stomach virus and was sick and laying on the couch with a bucket throwing my guts up till there was nothing. All the while Humberto was blowing and going and make all kinds of noise. All I wanted to do was sleep. Humberto... we are not friends.

Oh and don't think I've forgotten about Ike. He made a nice mess of my house, but on the bright side my house also got a face lift, inside and out! But I sure don't want another like him to pay me a visit.

September and I really just don't get along. I hate to end the friendship with September but I'm seriously considering it. I know the past few "nice" weather days we have had are just a ploy to get me to rethink my decision but I'm thinking it's OVER.

And just to reinforce my decision, here you go September...

Tropical Storm Maria

Tropical Storm Nate

Ummm yeah, that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach has returned and probably will not go away until late November.


Brooke said...

its the other part of the state that desperately needs the rain isn't it?

praying for all parts of the state during these harsh weather conditions!

{amy} said...

I completely agree!! For me personally, I'd like to add that a storm called "cancer" entered our lives in September ~ 10 days before Hurricane Ike. I'm not a big fan myself!